Pin Down These New Brooch Styles

Pin Down These New Brooch Styles

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Pins and brooches are being nabbed up at consignment shops and borrowed from mothers’ jewelry boxes as the fashion accessory of the season. This “old-school” piece of jewelry is far from feeling antiquated though. Pins are the perfect way to add a bit of whimsy or colorful charm to an outfit. Check out our ideas for how to pin down this modern jewelry look.


1. As A Necklace

When we think of pins our first thought is to wear it on a blouse (which does look great) but there are definitely other options. Why not take a simple chain and pair it with your favorite chunky pin? Suddenly a basic necklace has been given an elegant finish. This “Gran Gala” 35mm Cameo Crystal Goldtone Pin by Amedeo comes shows us one easy way to style a classic cameo pin.

"Gran Gala" 35mm Cameo Crystal Goldtone Pin


2. As A Hair Pin

When we’re sizing up our accessories for an outfit we might overlook the option to accessorize our hairstyles. Whether you rock a pixie cut or have long locks adding a pin can be that little something extra that sets off the style. Try adding a sophisticated and eye-catching design like this “Farfalla Doralla” Goldtone Butterfly Pin from Roberto by RFM to a cloth headband. Another idea could be securing it to a hair tie at the end of a braid or on a bun.

"Farfalla Doralla" Goldtone Butterfly Pin


3. On A Scarf

There is no better time to play with pins as an accessory than in fall. Why? One word: Scarfs. In autumn we’ll be wanting to wrap a pretty shawl or scarf around us and we can use pins and brooches as a means to secure a knot and add style. Try this two-in-one approach with the “Romantic Reflection” Crystal Drop Pin by Heidi Daus.

"Romantic Reflection" Crystal Drop Pin


4. On Its Own!

The beauty of pins and brooches is enough that they can be worn solo and still make a statement. If you’re pinning directly onto your clothing compare the weight of the accessory with the weight of the top you’ve chosen for it.  Heavier or more rigid fabrics will do better at supporting the accessory to look its best. Try pairing this “Butterfly Love” Crystal Pin with your favorite blazer for fall on the lapel.

 "Butterfly Love" Crystal Pin


How would you style a pin or brooch with an outfit?

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