Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!
I spent the holidays in my home in Connecticut with my family and we did absolutely nothing but share time together. Our conversations usually revolved around Noah and Grant’s school friends, teachers and thoughts. We ate everything in sight and cooked and shared family time. Stuart and the boys helped me a lot as I had minor surgery the day before the holidays and I needed a lot of time to just relax.
We had the most boring and wonderful vacation ever…time spent together doing nothing can result in something that vacations filled with fun can’t always deliver on… We watched movies, played games, spent time with my parents and learned a lot about each other. During the year we are always so busy that we never just hang out.
I was so worried that my holiday would not inspire me to create new and exciting pieces for upcoming shows. In fact, the opposite is true. I went through every piece of jewelry I own and was more inspired by what I had than by what I wanted. Looking at my collection (with pieces from my grandparents) and my holiday gifts from Stu and the boys (they bought me two antique charms that I love) made me realize how wonderful my life is…each piece brought me back to a time and a memory that I will treasure forever.
Some people go through photo albums to remember special times. For me, going through my collection of jewelry is much more inspiring and memorable. Each piece, whether bought on vacation or during my daily travels or given to me as a token of love represent a warm and distinct moment in time.

Rarities are not just about the perfect piece of jewelry, it is about the memories that are evoked when you wear your precious jewel. Would you be so kind as to send me a few words and a photograph of a special piece of jewelry in your collection? I would love to see some of your favorite pieces of jewelry and recreate them for Rarities. I will share the piece and your story on-air and in my blog throughout the year. If you are not using Facebook, even my mom signed up this holiday. You can too and I can’t wait to see you on my Rarities Facebook page. Just click and we can start creating some inspiring and new Rarities together.
I can think of no better inspiration than jewels loved and cherished by my girlfriends, most of whom watch me on HSN and I never get to see you. Happy and healthy New Year and may all of your resolutions become a reality in 2010. (I really am going to join a gym and start eating healthy…)
Lots of love,

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