Global Style

Summer's officially over
Hope you had as fantastic (and exotic) a summer as I had!!
Traveling half-way around the world and back again I realized there is an “International Language of Fashion” – wherever you are in the world – Hong Kong (so exotic!!) Istanbul (absolutely fabulous!) Paris (but of course!!!) London (great shopping!!)…if you are wearing a great fitting JEAN and have something with “STATUS” along with it…well, you are “in” – understood, appreciated and admired!!!

That’s exactly what we bring for September – “Global Style”!!! The Perfect Fit of our DG2 bootcut jeans and the status of our Luxurious Fur Collar matching denim coat for the most fantastic Today’s Special ever!!!! The choice is yours…but together they make for the ultimate high-end look in Denim suiting!!! (And the faux-fur collar is detachable!!! So the Denim coat can be year-round dressing!) SO undeniably chic…but at the same time so practical!!

So start the Fall Season with the best Fashion Investment you’ll ever make…a perfect fitting pair of jeans…and complete the “look” with our Status fur-trimmed coat…

And always remember… “Trends come and go – but style is forever!!” We hope you can join us for our beautiful DG2 Fall Fashion Event starting 12:01 AM September 16th and continuing throughout the day!!!

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