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Summer's officially over

How fast has 2009 flown by?????
But how can I complain when October is one of my favorite months of the year!!!!!The leaves are turning brilliant colors…the air is cool and crisp – comfort foods are filling the house with wonderful aromas… and where there’s comfort foods… well, comfort clothing can’t be far behind!!  So we designed the comfiest, stretchy-est (is that a word??), coziest DG2 Collection of brilliant new leggings and sweater tunics ever!! Come see our new October Knit and Denim Collectibles October 16th, 17th & 18th!!

Whoa!!!!!! Hold on a minute…we’re not done yet….. We will meet again this month during Host Pick October 23rd & 24th for truly one-of-a-kind embellished Denim – each host from Bill Green to Bobbi Ray Carter to Diana Perkovic to Rachel Huber has their own individual mood and theme!! It’s going to be exciting!!

Now perhaps I just might be revealing a personal secret BUT…..I LIVE FOR HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!! This year I’m going as a femme-fatale Vampire!… And at the stroke of Midnight October 31st….. we begin our November 1st Holiday TS!!!! (no I won’t be wearing my costume for that debut!!!). But I will be wearing our DG2 TS!!!!!!! Rich, plush and o-so-stretchy Velveteen bootcut jean and curvy Velveteen Blazer in sumptuous jewel tones….. we’ll have everything you need to make your Holidays sparkle with glamour!!!!

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