A Holiday Letter from Heidi & Maizey

Dear friends,

It seems that I have been on so many airplanes in recent months and talking to Heidi girls all over the United States, Canada and even in the United Kingdom! Girls, it has been HECTIC! But mostly it has been a huge year for growth for me and I have all of you to thank. New jewelry designs have been abundant here at Heidi Daus Designs and it is you and your love of beautiful things that inspires me. I will be heading down to Florida just before Christmas to show you some gorgeous last minute gift ideas and some treats for your very own holiday attire.
Whether it be a accessory staple like a pair of earrings that you can throw into your bag to just grab and go, or a pull-out-all-stops necklace that only makes an appearance on your neck once a year – you will be sure to find it on HSN!
As our year races to a close we find ourselves racing too. The sometimes frantic pace we keep to achieve certain deadlines can be overwhelming, while making room for large family visits, planning meals, finding time for holiday shopping and going to parties. It all sounds fun so why are we so tired? Probably because this is a season that makes us strive for perfection. To find that special something, tie a bow around it and make it perfect. This is when I take time to remember that nothing is more perfect in my life than the people I share it with. It is not the gift you are giving that is special, but those you are giving it to. Those you cherish, admire and respect. The people who surround you with love and never judge you. Speaking of judging… let’s not forget that one of the many reasons we love dogs is because they love unconditionally! Some of you may know my good girl Maizey – pictured here in a Rose Elegance necklace for the holidays!
I know that I will be grateful this year for not what I get or what I give, but for what I already have. Thank you so much dear friends for a wonderful year of memories; exuberant phone calls while I was on the air – some of them poignant, some of them funny – touching letters, cards and homemade gifts sent to me at my office and for all of your support and kind words left on my blogs and on Facebook. You are all a necessary part of my life and my passion, creating jewelry. Thank you!
Enjoy your holidays. Whether they be quiet or grand, may they be filled with joy.
Much love, Heidi & Maizey xoxo

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