8th Anniversary

Wow. I cannot believe that in just days I will be celebrating our 8th Anniversary with you! I survived the 7th year itch! I’ve had so many highlights over the years. I remember at my very first show, when Shannon announced that everything had sold out, I just stood there speechless and motionless. I was in shock and overcome with happiness. At my 3rd anniversary show, one of you ladies sent me a surprise: an absolutely beautiful painting. It truly touched my heart. Then, one time Heather called me and told me what our products had done for her confidence. It brought tears to my eyes. It is all of you and all the special moments that bring me back again and again to HSN to passionately share what I have learned and developed each year. At the end of the day, it is my mission to help more women like you feel the benefits of Chinese herbs and nature. It has been a truly magical 8 years with you. My words cannot express enough how much I appreciate you letting me come to your living room to share my stories, my laughter, and my jibberish with all of you.

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