5 Ways To Get The Vintage Look

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The 1970’s was a grand decade for fashion. For the first time, women were wearing “the pants in the family,” both literally and figuratively. This time of liberation was anchored by an eclectic mix of bohemian and disco influences. Our third trend and big idea of the season, Vintage Spirit is a modern encapsulation of this era. Whether you consider yourself a hippy chick or a disco diva, the essence of the 1970’s is alive and well for spring!


1. Pair a high waist with gold accents

Our dresses and ready-to-wear HSN Buyer, Denise, is rocking this ensemble by NYDJ! I love that this look is very wearable and modern with a nod to the 1970’s. This look is successful due to vintage-inspired details like high-waisted trouser jeans, bold print blouse, and gold hardware on the shoes and belt.

Shop Vintage Spirit on HSN


2. Tassled handbags make big statements

There’s no better way to add an element of the 1970’s to your look than with handbags. These styles by Sharif and Falchi are two of my tops picks for spring. Why? Versatility. They encapsulate the mood of “Vintage Spirit” in very different ways. Fringe and tassels are here to stay. Buy now and carry into fall with style!

Shop Vintage Spirit on HSN
Shop Vintage Spirit on HSN


3. Stack mixtures of gold & leather bracelets

Personal fashion declaration: I LIVE for bangles. Why? They are ageless, sizeless, and effortless! Achieve your perfect stacked wrist by mixing bracelets of varying widths and colors. Add textural elements of hammered gold and leather to complete your “Vintage Spirit” look. 

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4. Make a statement from head to toe

Well hello, gorgeous! Channel your inner-gladiator in statement-making sandals. Wear under flowy palazzo pants for just a hint of vintage glamour or show off the intricate details with higher hemlines. Insider tip: Buy your gladiator sandals early in the season; due to high demand, we cannot keep them in stock!

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5. Shop for versatility to get the most out of each piece

Eureka by Christos Garkinos, one of our new designers for spring 2014, is the perfect embodiment of “Vintage Spirit.” Christos is a true fashion expert and has reinvented some of his vintage-inspired pieces, exclusively for HSN. My personal favorite is his signature peasant blouse. Talk about versatility! Tucked in, belted, off-the-shoulder, layered…the style combinations are endless.

Shop Vintage Spirit on HSN
Shop Vintage Spirit on HSN


As a glamour girl, I love the drama of the disco-inspired pieces. Bold gold and power prints? Yes, please!


What element of the “Vintage Spirit” trend do you relate to most?


Xo, :heart:

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