5 Different Ways To Contour For Your Face Shape

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Facial contouring has been a makeup artist’s best friend for years, used to highlight the natural beauty of any face by emphasizing depth and contrast. For some makeup aficionados though, contouring can be like going to battle–one with stripes of foundation war paint instead of the glamorous highlights that are possible. The snag that some ladies may be hitting is that they aren’t properly contouring for their specific face shape.


When we get dressed in the morning we know which styles flatter our figures. The same rules apply for our faces! Depending on your face’s shape and its unique attributes, you may want to contour heavily or minimally, use specific angles on application, and place color only in certain areas. Lancôme is a makeup authority with over 75 years experience, and we can help take the guess work out of contouring with our new product, Le Duo.  A 2-in-1, easy to apply cream contouring and highlighting stick, Le Duo allows for precise outlining of your face’s natural curves. Paired with the helpful tips below on where to apply it and how to blend with your other cosmetics, you’ll be enjoying a newly defined look in no time!


How to chisel your cheeks, sculpt your nose, and define your jaw line if you have a…


1. Round Face


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With a round face, you can go much heavier on contouring to bring out structure that is usually disguised by your shape’s symmetrical look. Focus contouring on your cheekbones and temple area, and you can add extra highlights to your chin and forehead to bring those out as well.


2. Square Face


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With a square face, focus on contouring the corners of your face to emphasize angles that will provide a slimming appearance and soften your jaw line. Highlighting down the center will also keep your chin and forehead from appearing flat.


3. Heart-Shaped Face


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With a heart-shaped face, you already have high structure and contrast so I advise contouring minimally. You can highlight under your eyes and under your brow to bring a viewer’s gaze upward and balance the appearance of your face’s width.


4. Long Face


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With a long face, opt for heavier highlighting across the width of your face to counteract length, and balance it with your chosen blush.


5. Square-Heart Face


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With a square-heart face, also avoid heavy contouring which can accentuate an already strong jaw line. Draw the gaze toward your eyes by highlighting under the brow, and apply blush lower on your cheeks to compliment your defined cheekbones.


Where will you go to show off your new contoured look?

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