3 Quick Tips To Getting Ready For Any Event

3 Quick Tips To Get Ready For Any Event


You have said yes to the invite – now what?


Do you have a wedding/graduation/dinner to go to that is with super fun, chic friends and new friends in the making? Are you trying to figure out what to wear? Don’t have time to get new biceps? What is a girl to do? Yikes. Ok the point is to have fun, look good and be relaxed – no problem.  I have some ideas for you that should help!


1. Tan It Up To Balance Your Complexion

Unless you’re blessed with a natural tan, sometimes skin can be quite pale or even green on occasion (speaking for myself). Take a page out of the hollywood set and self-tan. I totally rely on Tan Towels and Beautisol. My arms are fine, but for that extra confidence, I see why the movie stars do it. I am tempted to just bronze them up with powder but the first hugs will have your  friend covered in your transferred bronze body makeup. I say tan it up!


2. How Can Jewelry Be Sexy?

You need to relax and exude feminitiy? Here is where the right jewelry can help. Check out Athomie. It is a sensual, modern, timeless (yes, some designers do make that combination happen and they have nailed it). It is also relaxing because all of the diamond cut beads move when you touch them. Almost like prayer beads. It is launching in the US this month after taking the rest of the uber chic and rich world by storm. You will love the silhouettes and power statements that Athomie makes. Those Italians know what they are doing!  It is even patented! The jewelry can be sexy and relaxing so less pressure on you! Earrings that move are always in style. These pendulum  Pendant Drop Earrings, will do the trick every time.

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3. Solve Your Party Dilemmas With The Right Dress

The maxi dress style solves so many issues. Your legs are covered so you can wear flats if indeed there is some dancing involved and you don’t have to worry about getting too hot. The flow of the fabric also means you have “woosh” going for you. Woosh is glamour through fabric. It is like a supermodel and her wind machine. I knew you would get it!


Snap a photo and share your pre-party looks in the comments below!


Biggest hugs,

Shivan Sarna

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