This for That: Summer Makeup Edition

The summer temps are rising and while we can put our hair in a top-knot or braid to avoid the inevitable humid “do”, our makeup is another story. Thankfully it doesn’t take much to get a summer-ready makeup bag that will leave you looking fresh, even on those hot days when we’re not feeling so fresh. So ladies, get ready to swap out a few items so your makeup bag will be ready to stand the heat!

Trade heavy, powder foundations for BB cream or liquid foundation. For most days where you’ll be out at the beach or staying poolside, a simple BB cream will get you through, especially if it’s outfitted with SPF. But for those days you want a little more coverage and need to look and feel flawless, opt for a long-wearing liquid foundation that will last!

Trade contouring creams for bronzer. To start your summer glow, even if you haven’t been having fun in the sun yet, start with a light bronzer. It will give you that dun-kissed look and also add a bit of that contoured look without the time (or the thick and heavy feel) of contouring creams!

Trade dark blush for a bright, shimmering shade. Top off your bronzed skin with a swipe of sunshine! A shimmering coral glow is the perfect summer look, no matter what your sun-situation is like.

Trade brow pencils and gels for a simple brow mascara. Summer time is precious time. Skip the multiple steps in front of the mirror and save time on your brows with a few strokes of brow mascara to fill them in and keep them in place all day.

Trade matte powders for a translucent finishing powder. Instead of adding color and caking on layers, swap for an invisibly sheer powder on for a flawless, long-wearing effect.

Trade your regular mascara formulation for a waterproof mascara. Fun in the sun also means sweat, splashing in the pool, a trip to the beach and more. Prevent “raccoon eye” mishaps with a waterproof formulation… that still delivers long, thick and full lash results!

Trade vampy lips for lipgloss. While you’re getting your glow on with the rest of your face, don’t leave your lips out. Plump that pout with a shimmery, glossy formulation and let the light in.

Trade heavy scents for a light floral option. Don’t forget the scent! Leave heavy perfume sprays behind and toss a sweet and simple rollerball in your bag for those times you need a little “pick me up”.

So tell us, what is your MUST HAVE summer makeup bag item?

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