The DIY Tiki Bar Cart You’ll Want to Park at Your Next Party

As a rule around our house, a soiree is always better when you find a way to make it special. Well, ANY summer soiree get’s a special touch when you’ve got a Tiki Bar! But don’t worry, you don’t have to shell out loads of cash or find a builder to turn your backyard into a tropical oasis… set up a Tiki Bar Cart, and you’ll have all the benefits of that little something special while still keeping it portable and temporary (I turn mine back into a coffee bar cart once the summer party season comes to a slow roll!).

Check out our summer inso for the perfect Tiki Bar cart!

To start, we took a few quintessential summer tropical fruits and used them as decor for the cart! Pineapples, lemon and lime not only make a beautiful and colorful statement, they are also perfect pairings for most tropical drinks. Win, win. Of course, I can’t quite do anything plain and decided to jazz up a pineapple by turning it into a floral centerpiece! I was able to save the pineapple pieces for our cocktails and used the shell to really make a statement on our Tiki Bar Cart.

Next, it’s imperative to make sure you’re stocked with a few essentials! Especially for summer, you want to keep the refreshments chill, literally. An ice bucket is something no Tiki Bar Cart should be without. For the novice mixologists, a cocktail shaker with six common drink recipes gracing the side of the shaker will help save those awkward moments and let your new skills shine! And of course, a summer soiree isn’t complete without a wine opener, and a battery operated bottle opener makes it easy for anyone to play host (or hostess!).

Next, bring your cart to life by adding in useful items that also can double as decor! Colorful straws and spoons in jars, fun party hats and of course, a signature drink for guests to start with will be sure to impress. Here you can even add a bowl or plate with small bites, chips or desserts to make your Tiki Bar Cart the place everyone really wants to hang!

So tell us, what’s your favorite item for a summer soiree?! We’d love to hear… and I’m sure it would play nicely with your new Tiki Bar Cart too! 

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