Out of the Box: 3 Insanely Clever Wrapping Ideas You’ll Love

With the sweet summer months of birthdays, baby showers and backyard parties, we’ve got some tips to make your presents just as show stopping as the event itself. Wow the gift receiver and show your crafty side with just a few quick swipes of paint or strips of tape. It’ll be the present that almost too cute to open. Almost.
Besides, it’s not always easy to keep wrapping paper on hand for every occasion, but if you’ve got a roll of butcher block paper or kraft paper, then you’re good to go! Round up a few supplies, like paint, small brushes, round sponges, colored paper and tape, and you’ve got the makings for some summer wrapping that’ll hit the sweet spot!

Mini Watermelon Gift Wrap

Start with a wrapped present, any paper will do. For this you’ll need a circle sponge in the size watermelon you want on the present. 

Once the red of your watermelons are in place, use a small paint brush with green paint and paint on the “rind” to each watermelon slice. Finish with small dots of black paint to add a few seeds.

Let dry and your present is ready!

Ice Cream Cone Gift Wrap

Start with your wrapped gift, any paper will do. Using a few paints (brown for the waffle cone and colors of choice for your ice cream), begin with the cone. Paint the shape of a waffle cone on the front of the present, then fill in with the brush strokes going across the cone to create the waffle weave. Dampen the brush slightly and fan the color out from the brown paint strokes to lightly fill in the squares.

Using a circle sponge, dip into the paint color that you’re using for the bottom ice cream color and stamp above the waffle cone that you painted. 

Repeat with two more paint colors for ice cream, creating a stacked ice cream shape. If you want to finish it off with a cherry on top, use a small paint brush dipped in red and paint it on by making a heart shape at the top of the cherry and a circle shape on the bottom of the cherry. Then just add a brush stroke up for the stem. Let dry!

Birthday Candle Gift Wrap

Start with a wrapped present, any paper will do. With yellow card stock, cut small shapes like a flame and attach to the present with double sided tape.

Use a small brush and paint or a paint pen to make a small line down from the flame to create the “wick”.

With different colors of card stock cut into long, thin rectangles or washi tape, finish off the candles by adding the candle itself. Attach card stock rectangles with double sided tape or just stick colorful washi tape onto the gift. 

Enjoy your gift giving!

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