How To Incorporate Heidi Jewelry Into Your Holiday Decorations


Hi girls! Since the holiday season is upon us and we are going to be starting to decorate our homes with fabulous and fun decorations, I thought it would be fun to tell you some creative ways to incorporate some of your most favorite jewelry in your decorations.

1. During the Christmas season, take some of your fun pins and tie a pretty little ribbon around it and hang it on your Christmas tree for all to see and enjoy! The Christmas lights on the tree will make the crystals look absolutely breathtaking! A few of my newest holiday pins that would look stunning like this are my “Holiday Twist” crystal and enamel pin, and my “All Wrapped Up” Pave Ornament Pin.

2. Use a pin or a bangle as a napkin ring to give each place setting its own little pop of crystal sparkles! If you are hesitant to put the pin through the napkin, just take a piece of ribbon. Or twine and tie it around the napkin, and then add the finishing touch….your pin!!!! My “Wait no More” crystal bracelet is just stunning for this!!

3. Sometimes, when I am decorating Christmas presents I will take a gorgeous pin that matches the wrapping paper, and I will attach the pin to the ribbon that is tied around the present! This looks just stunning, and when it’s under the tree…oh my goodness it’s just wonderful!!! My “French Twist” is PERFECT for this! It bound to make any girl excited the moment she sees it glistening under the tree!


4. This cool little trick can be done all year long with your favorite pin, or during the holiday season! Take a pin and use it to dress up a plain curtain back! A great pin to do this with is my “Star Bright” Christmas Star pin!!

5. I know that some of my fabulous Heidi girls already do this…..but pins are a great way to dress up decorative pillows! Just attach a spectacular pin and you’ve got yourself a brand new pillow!!!



6. Since most of the time lamp shades tend to be pretty plain, you can attach a pin to a lampshade and it’s a complete transformation! Whether you use a flower, critter, or deco pin it will completely transform the mood of the room. My “English Enchantment” linked crystal drop pin is just stunning for this!

7. You can go to your local craft store and pick up a foam wreath, and take all of your pins and create the world’s most inviting wreath!!

8. Sometimes I buy the world most wonderful smelling candle, but the jar is not all that spectacular, so I will take a piece of ribbon and a hot glue gun and glue the ribbon around the jar, and then of course attach a big sparkling pin!


9. Take some of your favorite pins, attach them to a ribbon, and hang them from your chandelier!! The light from the chandelier will just make them glisten! This is fabulous to do with all of your Christmas/winter critters such as my “Pretty Prancer” crystal accented reindeer pin, “Doe a Deer” Crystal Pin, and my “Sparkling Skates” Pin!

10. Take your pin collection and use them to create a gorgeous display on your coffee table! They are bound to be the topic of discussion for anything that sits down next to them!

Jewelry isn’t just a stylish way to spruce up outfits, but it’s also a stylish way to spruce up your home!!  Happy decorating!!






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