Your Style Doctor Prescribes Bouncy Hair for Spring

Hello, all my HSN Evange-nistas!
I am so excited for spring and summer. This is a time in your evolution of style to try something different. It’s a chance to think outside of the box. Inspire your style with easy, simple hair looks that will have you shinning all spring and summer long! Using products inspired by you and made for you is what makes my job amazing. So, let’s get to work!
My mantra is that soft and pretty is always in! It never goes out of style. With that said, we have to look at trends for inspiration and tailor them to your style. One of the season’s biggest trends is bouncy hair. To obtain this style, all you need are rollers – Velcro rollers, hot rollers or a curling iron, and some of my styling products. I recommend using my Shield to protect from heat, my Air-Lift Texture & Lift Root Boost for maximum, non-sticky volume and my HD Hold Brushable Hold Hairspray to set the look and have it bouncing all day long!
Together, let’s make a pact to have our hair work as our friend, not our enemy. I love acting as your style doctor when it comes to prescribing what you need to get the voluminous, healthy and shiny hair that you’ve always dreamed of.
Get the Look: Bouncy Hair
Spring is all about carefree, bouncy hair that reflects the mood of the season. This look is great for any length.
Step by Step:

  1. Take damp hair and apply Air-Lift to the roots. Apply Shield and spray from halfway down the shaft to the ends.
  2. Use a blow dryer and boar bristle brush (size depends on length of hair) and proceed to blow hair bending ends tightly by locking in the ends around the brush and letting it cool for 5 seconds. Continue to section hair and blow sections the same way.
  3. After hair is blown and ends are bent under, wrap hair around the desired roller and set (a curling iron can be used as well.)
  4. When hair is set, mist HD Hold Hairspray and let hair settle for at least 20 minutes.
  5. Remove rollers and finger through to achieve a tousled unconstructed look.
  6. Finish with HD Hold Hairspray.

Hugs and Hairspray!
“I love spring. It’s a new outlook on a season that is less fussy, more carefree and very relaxed. When I think of spring 2012 hair, I think deconstructed, easy breezy, outdoor looks, being near the ocean and of course an all-American approach to style.” – D.E.

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