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Well friends, we’ve finally come to that proverbial bridge in the NFL season known as “Halftime.”  After this weekend’s games, we will officially be at the midpoint of the 16 game regular season schedule.  That said, I think we can all take a step back and take some time out to really assess what we’ve seen up to this point in the year. For those of use who have watched our team struggle, I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath in, then exhale and release all your frustrations from the angst your team may have caused you.  Feels better right??  Now, if you’re much like myself and are a Lions fan, you might want to repeat this exercise several times over again.  And if you’re a Browns, Jags, Chiefs or Panthers fan, you may want to try this process in a very dark room by yourself where the rest of football society cannot ridicule you more than you already have been.  I mean that in the most endearing way I’ll have you know.
HSN Power Poll – Week 7
1.  Atlanta – Undefeated and on a bye last week, the Dirty Birds still sit atop the perch until that first L is had.
2.  Houston – So the Texans stink up the joint against the Packers 2 weeks ago, only to follow that up with a thorough dismantling of the Ravens in a key AFC Supremacy Showdown.  Looks like the Green Bay roadblock was merely a blip on the radar.
3.  New York (NFC) – No one in football does a better job at leading their team to victory in desperate situations like Eli Manning.  Time & time again, Peyton’s little brother shows us why he’s an elite quarterback in this league and no game is never in doubt when he’s behind center.
4.  Chicago – Was the win against the Lions pretty?  No.  But I’ll tell you what, the Bears defense is starting to look a lot like the one from 2006 when the Monsters of the Midway went to that Big Game in South Florida.
5. New England – Now one of only 3 teams in the AFC with a winning record, the Pats are about to get a much needed break over the next month.  One would say they will be on the bye for 3 weeks – BYE, @ Cleveland, vs KC.
The Next 5
6.  San Francisco
7.   Green Bay
8.   Baltimore
9.   Minnesota
10. Dallas
Football MusingsPittsburgh Throwback Uniforms
* After watching the Bucs dawn their throw back uniforms a week ago with the old-school Orange Crème-sicle and white, this week we’ll get an early Halloween costume from the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Seriously, I understand they’re a proud franchise that has a storied tradition, but these things look as if a bumblebee was being sent to the state pen and these were the standard uniforms that were being issued!
* If my rankings aren’t proof enough, the NFC is far & away the better Conference to this point in the season.  Seriously, 8 teams have a winning record, one is undefeated, and the AFC can’t seem to figure out if they want to be taken seriously or not.  However – despite their ghastly overall team records, the parity in the conference is at an all time high and that should make for some interesting postseason pushes for the second half of the season.
* I’m not the bragging or boasting type, but did you see my overall record last week in picking games?? HOLY COW!! (It’s easily viewable below by the way)  With that type of foresight, it’s a wonder the Vegas oddsmakers haven’t been beating down my door for some pointers. (Hey Scott, maybe it’s because the week prior you barely broke .500)
My Picks this Week
Minny, NY-AFC, San Diego, Indy, New England, Green Bay, Falcons, Pitt, Seattle, Chicago, Oakland, NY-NFC, New Orleans, San Fran
Last Week: 12-1
Overall Season Record: 65-38
Parting Shot
Can you believe it’s nearly November?  WOW!  Well, that can only mean 2 things: The HSN Football Fan Shop is starting to roll out more and more of our outer wear gear to make sure you’re equipped for the changes in weather AND the NFL regular season is nearly half over! (Say it ain’t so!)
Join us this Friday, October 26th as we unleash 3 airings of the Football Fan Shop starting at 6am with Guy Yovan followed up by Bobbie Ray and myself at 11a and then wrapping up the day with Viking Fan Callie Northagen at 6p.
Any which one you choose, we’ve got you covered!
~Scott Adams

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