The Best New Jewelry For A Girl’s Night Out

The Best New Jewelry For A Girl’s Night


We as women spend so much time tending to and taking care of everyone else, and in turn, we can sometimes skimp out on ourselves! So I wanted to share with you some images of a few lovely people all dolled up and ready to take on the town! I hope it inspires you to pick up the phone, call all of your girlfriends and plan a night for yourselves.


Many of my pieces are very fashion forward. I try to design pieces that speak to ultimate luxury, style, and glamor. When designing I say to myself, “will this make me feel like a million bucks!?” If the answer is no, I play around with a few ideas; Does it need a single pearl dangling from the center of the bib? Does it need another row of bead?


It has always been important for me to make sure that anyone who puts on my jewelry is reminded of just how special they are, and that it is an instant pick me up!

The Best New Jewelry For A Girl’s Night


One thing I always try to tell people is don’t be afraid of a big statement piece! It really is a lot easier than you think! You can take any simple black sheath and pair it with a fabulous statement necklace, and hunny–you’re ready to take on the night! By picking a simple top, you really make the jewelry the centerpiece of the outfit and it will look so extravagant.

The Best New Jewelry For A Girl’s Night


When worn correctly, many necklaces make a sparkly statement that’ll take you from work to dinner to a fabulous party with ease. A necklace that is perfect for this is the “Prim and Proper” Necklace!

The Best New Jewelry For A Girl’s Night


For example, check out this gorgeous necklace…is that not killer or what!? I love chokers because they are an easy go to and have a sex appeal to them as well! Pair your favorite choker with a scoop neck to really create a sexy little look! If you want to try the choker, check out my Deco Elegance Choker, it’s one of my faves!


Girls, at the end of the day as long as YOU feel fabulous you’re doing it right!!

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