Take A Worry-Free Vacation With These 3 Travel Accessories

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Recharge on your next vacation with the three travel accessories that can help you book your trip, organize your itinerary, track your expenses, and capture the experience.  We all look forward to vacations throughout the year and with the right travel essentials those trips can be unforgettable for all of the best reasons. Venture outside your comfort zone but take convenience with you with the help of three special HP electronics.


1. Transportation & Finances? You’ll want a Tablet


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Most airlines now offer passengers the ability to download their boarding passes directly to a mobile device which means you can avoid long lines, lost/damaged tickets, and save money on any printing fees. With a tablet you can get instant alerts on your flight schedule or travel changes, and arrange for impromptu accommodations without relying on pricy airport resources. A tablet like the HP 10.1″ HD IPS Quad-Core 16GB Android Tablet with Dual Cameras, Folding Tablet Case, and App & Services Pack can also help you monitor your spending while on vacation so you can avoid the post-trip pile of receipts and bills.


2. Business & Entertainment? You’ll want a Laptop


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Traveling involves a lot of downtime, especially with layovers. For individuals traveling alone or those with kids having a lightweight laptop along can offer up a world of great entertainment. They’re bigger than a tablet so you can comfortably watch movies, surf the web, and play games. Once you arrive at your destination, use the laptop to search online for suggestions on the best places to eat and visit, or check in with work back home to get updates on business. One great option is the HP 15.6” AMD A8 Quad-Core APU, 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD Laptop. It comes with a free HP 7” Android Tablet with Lifetime Tech Support too.


3. Photos & Videos? You’ll want a Hands-Free Camcorder


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There’s something to be said for technology’s amazing ability to help us capture a moment on that we can then return to again and again with a photo or video. However, you shouldn’t miss the moment while it’s actually happening too. The HP Life Cam Full HD Wi-Fi Action Camcorder with Waterproof Case, Mounts and 8GB SDHC Card can clip on to your clothing, a bike, or a tripod so you can be part of the experience while it does the work of the cameraman. It’s a waterproof camera too so unexpected showers can’t wash away precious memories.


Now that you have the best traveling tools at your disposal, where will you go on your next vacation?

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