Serious Skin Care Showcases Skin Detailer at M Resort in Las Vegas

Cecilia with the great staff at Spa Mio, M Resort in Las Vegas
Early in May, Serious Skin Care partnered with the professionals at the M Resort’s Spa Mio in Las Vegas. The M Resort Spa Casino is the proud recipient of the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Rating for 2010 and 2011; Spa Mio is one of the finest in the country offering top quality beauty treatments by some of the most talented professionals in the business, only using the most premium of products…
We invited some local residents to come in to the Spa Mio to experience Serious Skin Care’s Skin Detailer. Our own Cecilia Stock traveled to Las Vegas and trained the team of skin care professionals at Spa Mio on the use of the Skin Detailer and the results were amazing.  First, the manager at the Spa and her team were so impressed with the quality and results provided by the Skin Detailer, they are working to carry the product with their current high-end assortment.

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The fun really began when we invited clients to come in and experience the Skin Detailer in a real, luxurious spa setting. Serious Skin Care literally took over the Spa Mio for the day and with Cecilia’s help, the Spa Mio team provided Skin Detailer “treatments” to nearly 20 people – including one gentleman! Everyone raved about the experience and we invite you to tune in to HSN and hear what several of the participants had to say about the experience.

Serious John with client Geri and Spa Mio makeup artist
We partnered with Spa Mio to prove what we have always known since we launched the Skin Detailer in 2010 – our Skin Detailer is comparable to the finest of facial regimens available today. But, I am delighted that our system is an easy to use, in-home experience, that delivers results on par, if not better,  than the finest spa treatments. Not to mention, the Skin Detailer is always an incredible value.
Client Lisa with Melanie of Spa Mio
See you soon,

Spa Mio staff and Cecilia
P.S. If you have had the opportunity to try the Skin Detailer, I would love for you to use this blog to share your experience  so others can truly appreciate the benefit this remarkable product can provide. Remember, great looking skin is in the details!
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