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Well, summer feels like it is almost over. While I hate to see it go, I am not too sad about it because my kids are excited for school, and I am excited for fall at my office and the high gear that life kicks into when fall arrives. It always seems like the best of both worlds; it will still be nice weather out and it is also the start of a bustling new season.
A particular highlight of this exact moment for me is another visit to HSN. This time, I am showing my 3 favorite, original textile variations and 2 beautiful new ones.
I am incredibly inspired by color and pattern these days. I feel like having both is the hallmark of real luxury. If something suits you to a “T”, and feels perfectly bespoke, what could be more luxurious? True, it’s been a decade of beiges and solids, so I feel especially ready to shake off anything too safe or staid. But, I also am excited, generally, by all things exuberant, and that is what I am seeing everywhere in design right now. I really like rooms that have personality, and I absolutely love rooms that could only belong to their owners. Not that I am abandoning beige all together, mind you. In fact, I am showing a beige range, but it is filled with fun shapes and mixed patterns, to temper the subtlety that comes with that hue.
Alexa Hampton Home 6-piece Leaf Jacquard Comforter SetAlexa Hampton Home Leaf Jacquard Pillow PairAlexa Hampton Home Leaf Jacquard Shower Curtain
The original red leaf jacquard print is based on a classic crewel textile but with an added pinch of crispness worked into the print. I love it when patterns can speak to traditional design without getting tired or dated, and this pattern does just that. Another hoped for hallmark of many of my designs with HSN is their versatility. Not only do they blend together beautifully with their assorted components, but many of the items are reversible. To have a beautiful comforter pulled back to see a striking, tailored back fabric makes a bed look really designed. As we all know, the devil is in the details.
As we do in my office, this group is notable for coordinating without looking too matchy or cutesy. There is just the right amount of repetition of pattern, along with a mix of compatible prints, so the whole looks collected and thoughtful.
Alexa Hampton Home 7-piece Animal Print Comforter SetAlexa Hampton Home Animal Print 100% Cotton Sheet SetAlexa Hampton Home Animal Print Window Set
What can I say about this range, both in neutral and dark blue? What can’t I say! I think all women have a place in their hearts for animal print. Maybe it is some quality of a Tarzan speaking to our Jane, but love them we do and I am no exception to this rule. But when an animal print is recolored, especially in handsome tones like these, I think it can adapt and appeal to the masculine eye, as well.
This range is tailored and chic, with its duo tone palette. What that means, is that should anyone want to branch out and add in another accent color, they can. Imagine the blue and white animal print on a bed with yellow sheets. Or the whole blue and white grouping in a red room. It is fun and striking. It is also a confident blast of sophistication.
Alexa Hampton Home 7-piece Bella Noche Comforter SetAlexa Hampton Home Bella Noche 4-piece Sheet SetAlexa Hampton Home Bella Noche Shower Curtain
This latest design, Bella Noche, incorporates delicate, classic patterns layered subtly, one upon each other. In the lavender group, it is a sweet and feminine mix, full of freshness. In the neutral range, it is the kind of bedding that could be used by anyone: young, old, male, female. In each instance though, the resulting rooms would look designed and thoughtful.
Alexa Hampton Home 6-piece Turkish Cotton Towel Set
When the line launched, I immediately snapped up the new towels I so desperately needed. The Greek key motif has always been a favorite of mine. It is classical and fresh and geometric all at once. Also, I should mention: my husband is Greek, so I can’t really go wrong with this one. I added the navy blue Greek key sheets to our household wares, as well, and brought them to the beach as beach towels. I can’t tell you how much I loved having them! I hope you do, too.
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