How To Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

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A beautiful garden does more than increase your home’s curb appeal, it’s a fun form of exercise and is a great spot to entertain guests. Now that spring is here it’s the perfect time for anyone wishing they had a green thumb to dig into the soil and learn some easy gardening skills. The right equipment makes all the difference in outdoor improvements so check out our beginner’s guide on spring gardening and some simple HGTV HOME tools that can give you a hand with this great new hobby.


1. A Place In The Sun

The first element of a garden you want to consider is what part of the yard gets the most sun. All plants need some light to thrive but may not want direct sunlight all day. Look for spots that are facing east and get a nice westerly shade by afternoon to ensure a good balance. The Foldable Wooden Potting Bench is a good option for those with limited ground space that allows us to put plants exactly where the light is perfect.

HGTV HOME Foldable Wooden Potting Bench


2. Laying Down The Lines

Its good to remember that our eyes can be bigger than our stomachs when selecting our garden’s size. A 10×10 garden bed or smaller is a great size for beginners. To keep a ground garden low maintenance outline a perimeter with the Pathmate Round and Gibbous-Shaped Stepping Stone Molds.  A clear cut path to your garden will encourage you to visit it more often and a stone border around the bed will help keep it tidy and control overgrowth.



3. Clear The Ground

The planning is done, now time to get our hands dirty! When clearing ground for a garden we’ll want the help of a tiller. Tillers make quick work of ripping up roots that are below the surface and it helps to aerate the soil before planting. The Earthwise 8.5-Amp Mini Corded Tiller is a small electric tiller that is easy to handle and efficient.

Earthwise Tiller


4. A Time To Sow

With the soil now soft and airy we can transfer small plants directly into the dirt. A lot of soil will need to be initially removed to dig holes for these new plants so use the Folding Wagon with Cooler or Removable Water-Resistant Liner to hold this soil while you work. After each plant is put in the ground fill it in with soil until you reach a quarter to half way up the plant’s stalk. Next fill your wagon with mulch and lay down a thick enough layer to completely cover the ground. This will help the plants stay hydrated, reduce weed growth, and control pests.

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5. Daily Maintenance

The number one thing your garden will need right after planting and regularly thereafter is a good soaking of water. The best time to water your garden is early in the morning so the moisture has time to soak into the ground before the sun’s too strong. This daily maintenance is easy with the Coil Hose with 8-Way Spray Nozzle. It stretches up to 50 ft and with its coiled body the hose won’t snag into a knot cutting off pressure. It’s also lightweight so you won’t be tired out by this early opportunity to admire your beautiful handiwork.

Spray Hose


For more help with outdoor improvements check out the HGTV HOME collection and our How-To videos on design ideas. What do you want to plant in your garden this spring?

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