Football Fan Shop – Week 1 Recap

Wow – what a first week of NFL action, don’t’ you think?  Over 70+ touchdowns scored, 5 teams scored over 40+ points, and 3 games were won on the team’s last possession of the game!  If you’re a football fan, you couldn’t ask for anything more.
Now, I’d like to start this week’s blog off by giving you, our loyal Football Fan Shop fan, a little bit of untapped wisdom.  Regardless if your team won or loss this past weekend, don’t get too excited or too downtrodden.  Sure, if you’re a Dallas fan, you should be proud that your “Boys” walked into East Rutherford & took down the reigning champion G-Men.  That’s a solid win.  But let’s not get too carried away.  One week of play is not a fair body of work to make rational judgments from. It’s just bad business. So, if you’re a Browns or Dolphins fan, do not throw in the towel just yet despite the ugliness of the day.  Things are never as bad as we make them out to be – like seeing a mime in person for the first time. Remember, there are plenty of games to be played and we don’t want anyone jumping to any unruly conclusions.  Let me, Scott Adams – quarterback of the HSN Football Fan Shop be your calming voice of reason to get you through the season – sound good?  Great!
Allright, now that everyone is on an even keel, let’s move on with this week’s HSN Football Fan Shop Power Poll.
HSN Power Poll – Week 1

1. New England – Despite having his nose bloodied, Tom Terrific was able to have his way with the Titans secondary while the Pats new additions on defense are already making their presence felt.
2. Baltimore – We knew the purple power of the Raven defense has always been a constant, but did you see that new look Baltimore offense?  QB Joe Flacco looks like he’s settling in nicely with the no huddle.
3. San Francisco – Can you say statement game?  Not only did they snap the Pack’s 15 game home winning streak, they also did it in convincing fashion.  This just in – the 49er defense is good, I mean really good.  Big props to QB Alex Smith who has really turned a corner under Jim Harbaugh.
4. Denver – As weird as it may have looked to see #18 in a new uniform, there was nothing strange about the way Peyton Manning played in his first game back in 20 months.  The future Hall of Famer looked like his old self & that Orange Crush D gave Big Ben all types of problems.
5. Atlanta – I know, I know – how can I put Atlanta this high? Listen, if you’ve watched this Falcon team in the regular season the past several seasons, you know that Matty Ice is the real deal.  Regardless of their previous postseason failures, this young team continues to mature and has the top shelf QB to take them to the next level.
The Next 5
6. Green Bay
7. Houston
8. Dallas
9. New York (NFC)
10. Pittsburgh
Week 1 Football Musings
* Who is the only player on a football field that can get away with wearing their wedding band during the game? Easy – the KICKER!  Not only did 49er K David Akers tie the NFL record with a 63 yard FG, he did it with his ring on!
* I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing better than watching little kids spin around on bats during those in-game baseball promotions and then try to run.  It gets me every time.  However, I think I may have something that can top that.  While watching the Packers this weekend, I was reminded how amusing it is to see the punter or kicker trying to attempt to tackle the return man who is obviously going to go the distance.  The feeble lunge seems like a good idea, but in actuality is just really bad form.  Nice try pal!
* After looking at the NFL standings after week one, I couldn’t help but think that this is a lot like that old computer terminology involving binary code….1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1, 0, 1 (sorry – bad NFL standings joke)
* Redskin fans have a really good reason to be excited and the reason why is RG3!  Wow – did you see his week one performance?  Not only was he the only starting rookie QB (and there was 5 this past weekend) to win in his first game, he was the only one to not throw an interception.  The Heisman trophy winner from a year ago looked the part and was more than impressive as the Skins went to the road and knocked out the Saints in the Superdome.
My Picks this Week
Green Bay, KC, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Minnesota, H-Town, Oakland, NE, NYG, Baltimore, Dallas, Washington, Pitt, San Diego, San Fran, Atlanta
Don’t forget that the HSN Football Fan Shop has 2 airings this coming Monday to wet your NFL team apparel appetite.  We’ll kick things off on Monday morning at 5am and then get you primed for Monday night football at 6pm.  Through our first 2 weeks of the season, it’s easy to see why the HSN Football Fan Shop is THEE PLACE to get all your NFL gear.  From throw blankets, to t-shirts, to sweatpants, to gear especially made for the female NFL fan – we’ve got you covered!
That said, mark those calendars & FAN UP!

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