Celebrate National Relaxation Day The Margaritaville Way

Celebrate National Relaxation Day The Margaritaville Way

August 16th is National Relaxation Day so you can be sure that Margaritaville is ready to give this holiday the attention it deserves! Even when we can’t get away to our island paradise we can find fun ways to take a “mental” vacation.  Try these tips for how to relax and make the time to unwind even on a busy schedule. Some of these ideas take as little as 15 minutes!


1. Sweat The Stress Away

Exercise can be a great way to hit the “reset” button on our day when we’re feeling zapped of energy. Getting outdoors to take a brisk 15 to 30 minute walk will help clear our heads and the fresh air and sunshine can really help revive sagging spirits. Pop in these MTX Audio Bluetooth Sport Splash-Resistant In-Ear Headphones with your personal relaxation playlist and sweat the stress away anywhere, anytime. This can be a great habit to work into our daily lunch break or to use as a way to wrap up our days.

Sport Splash-Resistant In-Ear Headphones


2. Enjoy The Small Pleasures

Sometimes we cut corners on the small things, like eating meals at our work desks, to try to save money or time. In the long run, though, it’s the small pleasures that can give us that regular relaxation boost. A little break like catching up with friends and coworkers over a meal will bring us more happiness and the opportunity to let off steam so we can return to our tasks later with renewed energy. Set your meal with these bright Set of 4 Fins Right, Fins Left Plates and you’ll be encouraged to sit down and fully enjoy the moment.

4 Fins Right, Fins Left Plates


3. Create A Relaxation Zone

Our outside world can reflect and influence our inner mind which is why it’s so important to create a relaxation zone where you can kick back and destress. One ideal place for this is our bedrooms. Decorate your bedroom mindfully and give yourself a comfortable bed set like this Pineapple 3-piece Cotton Quilt with Tote Bag.  Enforce a strict no-work policy within your bedroom walls too. That way once you retire to your room for the night you’ll always start to mentally check out from worries and work too.

Pineapple 3-piece Cotton Quilt


4. Remember To Treat Yourself

Let’s give ourselves the attention we deserve with a routine spa day. It doesn’t have to be an all-day affair at a boutique resort, we can pamper ourselves at home too! Put your feet to soak in a basin of hot water with epsom salts for total body relaxation, whip up a homemade mask for a rejuvenating facial, or try these Self-Tanning Towelettes to give yourself a pretty glow. There are so many easy tricks to mimic our spa experiences at home that still give us all the feel-good benefits.

Self-Tanning Towelettes


5. Make Time For Fun

Laughter is the best medicine when it comes to destressing. Remember to take some time to just have some fun! Maybe for you that could mean a friday night BBQ with friends and family and breaking out this Lawn Bowling Game? Another way to make time for play is in the HSN Arcade with a game like Margaritaville Mix Up! Find hobbies that bring you joy and laughter and then schedule those activities as a “Must” on your weekly calendar.

Lawn Bowling Game


How will you celebrate on National Relaxation Day?

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