Celebrate Hope with Wei East this April During Autism Awareness Month

Dear Friends,
April means so much to me, not only because almost 14 years ago in April I gave birth to my first child, April is also autism awareness month.
I remember the first time I heard someone tell me my son is autistic, I did not even know what he was talking about. With Chinese English I thought he said he is an artist!
Today I am so happy to see there is more awareness about Autism and many resources have been developed to help families dealing with this puzzle.
I have to say it is truly not an easy task for any family to deal with an autistic child. If normal parenting is not easy, then at times Autistic parenting can be 100 times harder.  As parents you are at a loss, you just don’t know how to help your child and what is the best way.
Today I am happy to say for the first time he asked me to invite neighborhood kids and his friends to come to his birthday party, he even told me where he wanted the party, and picked a theme! I cannot even begin to tell you what all these means to me. Hooray Alex!
Celebrate April, Celebrate Hope.  Together we can work to help solve the autism puzzle and support one another along the way.

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