Carmindy’s 5 Minute Face


Don’t we all want to look our very best each day, facing the world looking polished and beautiful without having to spend a ton of time and energy each morning getting there? We lead such crazy busy lives and honestly, who has time for a multi-step makeup routine every day? I have created the foolproof 5 Minute Face technique for busy women on the go who can now enhance their natural beauty in 5 easy minutes using just 5 streamlined products. Start your stopwatch…


Carmindy & Co. Carmindizing Highlighter Duo - Ethereal1. Begin by “Carmindizing” the face.

This is my signature trick to bring light and radiance to the skin giving you a beautiful glow and getting you noticed. Apply a highlighter in 3 key places-under the brows to shine a spotlight on your pretty peepers, on the inside corners of the eyes for a glimmer to your gaze and along the tops of your cheekbones to showcase the beautiful planes of your face.


2. Define & line the eyes

Bring definition to the eyes in one quick sweep by slightly smudging on eyeliner pencil along the upper lashes only. This creates a thicker looking lash line and makes the eyes really stand out.


3. Bold the eyelashes

Sweep on one coat of black mascara to the upper lashes only for a full flirty fringe in a flash. By skipping the lower lashes you save time not having to deal with messy cleanup if you smudge and the look stays clean and natural.


4. Add pop to the cheeks

Swirl on a powder blush to the apples of your cheeks to wake up the face with a pop of color. Use a big fluffy powder brush when applying it as is will hug the apples perfectly giving you a romantic looking flush.


Carmindy & Co. Kiss Me Lip Butter - Rose Passion5. Color the lips

Smooth on tinted lip balm for a little rosy color packed with supple moisture. Your pretty lips will thank you.


Time! Wowza, that was just 5 minutes to a perfectly gorgeous you! It’s simple when you know how to use the right products in the right places. What fantastic things will you do now with all your extra free time?

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