A 4th of July Drink Bursting with Berry and Pomegranate

Berry Infused Pomegranate Fizz


Sip on this refreshing Berry Infused Pomegranate Fizz for the 4th of July and show your patriotic colors. This homemade soda recipe uses blueberries and pomegranates to create a tangy and sweet 4th of July drink full of celebratory spirit. Top it off with a white or patterned straw for a complete red, white, and blue design before settling in to watch the fireworks.


Serves: 3 ? cups (750 ml) or 3 medium glasses



  • Carbonated Beverage-Maker Kit
  • Bonne O Pomegranate Syrup
  • Fresh berries, cut and chilled (Cutting the fruit in half exposes the inner flesh to the pressure’s effect, increasing the taste transfer)
  • Filtered water



  • Add one pack (142ml) of Bonne O Pomegranate Syrup to the flavor chamber.
  • Insert one carbonator in the CO2 chamber.
  • Add cut fresh berries to the Carbonating bottle then completely fill bottle with chilled, filtered water. For best results use refrigerator chilled water.

Remember to open carefully over the sink after preparation. The surface area of the fruit encourages bubble creation!


What will you serve along with this festive sparkling beverage ?

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