5 Fashion Rules To Look Fabulous At Any Age

Dear Hal,  

 I have a creative, satisfying position as a stylist but like a lot of a certain age, I have a weight issue. How does a middle-aged woman dress creatively without over-exposing myself or hiding behind by drapey clothes.  I’m a Midwest girl, so I want to be tasteful without being dowdy, and maybe even a bit trendy?



Unfortunately, one of the only things we can ever be certain of is our birth date. And that’s why it’s vital that, rather than fight or bemoan it, and before buying one more piece of clothing, your embrace your age. It’s an incredible and futile waste of energy to wish you were younger, older, or pine for former silhouettes you once saw in the mirror. Because I have a secret to tell you: YOU CAN BE FABULOUS NO MATTER HOW MANY CANDLES ON YOUR NEXT CAKE. You say you are “middle” aged. Well then, that means you are only halfway through the “movie” that stars you, and every film fan knows, the middle of the film is just when the plot gets juiciest. So, why not dress the part?


The problem is that at the moment, you don’t feel like the star of your film, do you? Maybe that’s because you are focusing on what you aren’t, instead of who you are. Yet, how lucky for you that you now achieved a position where you are both creative and satisfied in your chosen field. My guess is that not only does that work give you a sense of pride, but many of your colleagues, and hopefully your family, admire what you’ve accomplished as well do as well. And I’m willing to bet that these people probably see you as more handsome and attractive than you see yourself.


Why is that? Because you’ve overlooked the undeniable fact that success and satisfaction in one’s life can be as powerful a beauty aid as the best line reducing moisturizer. Nothing will make a woman look as good as liking the way she feels about herself. That’s when you become the star of your “movie” .


So, here are 5 easy to remember inarguable “acting tips” so to speak for the middle aged, the senior, the youth, in fact, for women of any age – to thrive by.


Rule 1: Don’t hide your figure

It’s a myth that you can do it and that’s because you are only as large as your widest piece of clothing. I REPEAT (it’s that important!) You are only as large as your widest piece of clothing.


Shop Hal Rubenstein's Blair Jumpsuit on HSNRule 2: Pick clothes that graze instead of cling

Seek out clothes that flow over your curves while smoothing over the bumps. These include jersey, ponte, viscose, lambskin, knits, suede, lightweight wools and any fabric with spandex or stretch. A good example is my “Blair” Jumpsuit designed for 2 to 3 inches of ease between you and the material. Fits for comfort, maintains a classy appeal, and makes for a dramatic statement.


Rule 3: Define your waist

It doesn’t matter if it’s nowhere near what it used to be, or you think it’s too high or too low. Mask your waist and you will look shapeless and heavier. Highlighting it is the first step in finding the most flattering proportions to enhance your hips, bust and shoulders.


Shop Hal Rubenstein LaShanna Contrast Jacket with Leather on HSNRule 4: Find the right proportions

Exposure doesn’t necessarily make a woman look either young or sexy. Finding the right proportions in clothes that fit are the key to sensuality. Look at all the great stars from Hollywood’s Golden Age. They didn’t resort to plunging necklines, micro minis, or sky-high spike heels. Instead, there was an abundance of pencil skirts, cropped jackets, crisp blouses, square and scoop necked dresses, usually revealing a curve of bare shoulder, a hint of cleavage, a teasing slit of leg, a clavicle (such a sexy part of the body).


Shop Hal Rubenstein Molly Lambskin and Ponte Knit Jacket on HSNRule 5: Always look put together

Kids should experiment all over the fashion map. There’s no need to define a personal style until at least your mid-20’s. From then on, however, it is essential, whether you are a size 2 or 12 and especially if you are a plus size to assemble a look that radiates precision and polish. Women who are overweight or older often feel defeated and consequently, give in or give up on occasion. Never surrender to your demons. Looking great is not a competitive sport, no matter what they tell you. Think of those who care about you. All they want to see is you at your best. Strike back with a clean, pressed, smart wardrobe and posture that a Marine might envy. Don’t underestimate what a fitted jacket can do. The right proportions are key. To be honest, for all the advice I may offer finding them is pretty much trial and error process, so invest the time it takes. Trust me, it is so worth it.


Bonus: Don’t EVER bother trying to look trendy

Even if you get off on buying disposable clothes at bargain prices, chasing trends is exhausting. And expensive. Instead, find all that works for you and built a wardrobe around that. Once you find your style, it can modify over time, but you will be able to trust it to look fabulous all the time, at any age.


Have other questions? Share them with me in the comments below. Tune in on Thursday at 8:00 pm ET to catch some of Colleen Lopez’s favorite items from Hal during the premiere of “The List” after Beauty Report.



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