5 Easy Tips To Walk Your Way Towards Better Health

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One of the best ways to blow off steam is to get your body in motion. Brisk walking can help relax us and leave us with a more positive mood. Exercising can also help you get some extra energy and you don’t have to run a marathon to feel the results. To start your fitness walking routine make sure you own a comfortable pair of sneakers then pick a time in your schedule whether it’s early morning or during lunch to hit the pavement. If you can’t get outdoors for a brisk walk, a treadmill is perfect for keeping up with your fitness indoors.


Here are some tips for starting a fitness walking routine:


1. Go With What You Love

Find elements of your exercise routine that you’re excited for. It can be a post-workout bath,  the stylish sneakers you wear, or where you choose to walk. Everyone can find something to like about their workout and that will motivate you to get moving.

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2. Make Active Time “Me Time”

Going for a fast-paced walk can be an opportunity to carve out some quiet time for yourself or a chance to connect with others. Invite a friend to come with you on your workout and catch up during that time, or bring tunes along to make your workouts special and fun.


3. Set Realistic Goals

Make sure you succeed with conservative goals that start small and build over time. An easy goal to start with is to try for 30 minutes of activity five times per week. Remember that even catching 15 minutes on the treadmill is better than nothing.


4. Use a heart rate monitor like a pedometer or Smart Health Watch

Use an activity tracker like a pedometer or smart watch to keep a log of your accomplishments. Watching your progress will help motivate you to stick with your routine once you see how far you’ve come.




5. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day as well as during and post your workout. Staying hydrated is important when we sweat during aerobic activities, or are spending time outdoors.


Always consult your physician or healthcare professional before beginning this or any weight loss or exercise program. How will you create your fitness walking routine?

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