4 Hair Removal Myths Smoothed Away

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The oddest and funniest stories have always circulated about hair removal, like it will make hair grow back coarser, and if you remove a gray hair three more will come up to replace it! We think it’s time to comb through the fact and fiction to get to the root of these hair removal myths. Drop the razor and let the wax cool because here is the truth about the no!no!(R) hair removal treatment.


1. no!no! can be used by everyone? TRUE

no!no! uses patented Pulsed Thermicon™ technology which uses heat to treat and remove the hair. That means that individuals with light, gray, or white hair, or even dark skin can get the same results with Thermicon technology as everyone else. For the very best results, everyone should use the no!no! 2-3 times a week and finish their no!no! hair removal treatment with the no!no! buffer to buff away treated hair.


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2. Removing body hair makes it grow back coarser? FALSE

When hair is removed, especially with a razor, it creates a hard edge that is spiky and unpleasant. However, with continued use of the no!no!, hair will grow back thinner and finer. Consistency is key! If you stop using no!no!, hair may eventually return to its previous pattern.


3. Skin discoloration is common from this treatment? FALSE

Pulsed Thermicon technology is very different than laser hair removal or waxing where an individual might experience skin irritation and discoloration, burns, and ingrown hairs. The no!no! is safe and effective to use on your arms, legs, back, face, and hands and will not affect your skin’s pigmentation.


4. Hair removal will always hurt? FALSE

no!no! uses Pulsed Thermicon Technology for a simple, painless hair removal treatment that overtime, can reduce hair regrowth for weeks of long-lasting, professional results.


What’s one hair removal myth you’ve always wondered about?

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