3 Tips for Wearing the Moto Boot

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The moto boot is an ageless, timeless shoe that really is perfect for anyone, no matter what your style. Think the moto boot is too edgy for you? Think again! Today you can find moto boots with feminine stylings such as added pearls, quilting and fab color choices.

The video above shows you the versatility of the moto boot, read on for tips for wearing this fun footwear.


1. Show off their detail

Choose boots that speak to your personal style. Do you love buckles, zippers, both? Boots with really intricate detail (like jewels and gorgeous stitching) just want to be shown off. They look great with short skirts or skinny jeans. My quilted moto boots are perfect for this!


2. Wear them all year round

Typically, we think of moto boots as a fall or winter shoe, but let’s face it, ladies, we can make a shoe look good any time of year. The moto boot looks great with shorts, jeans, skirts and dresses. There is nothing this boot can’t do!


3. Wear them day or night

With the right piece, the moto boot can be worn to work and then out on the town. This footwear can be understated under a pair of pants, or shown off with a dress or skirt.

Today, moto boots can be tall or short, with heels or without: Perfect for any occasion.


When, and how, do you wear your moto boots?

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