8 Super Benefits of the Hottest Skin Care Trend

Face Masks are popping up all over the beauty market lately. If you haven’t jumped on the mask train yet, you’re missing out on some seriously good benefits from these trendy treatments. Whether you’re looking for some extra moisture or in need of a skin detox, you can easily find the perfect mask for your skin.

1. Hydration: If you’re finding your skin a little extra dry from changes in the weather or a little extra travel, a hydrating mask is perfect for you. I always toss a hydrating mask in my bag when I’m traveling. A moisture-rich mask like this 24K Gold Glow Mask is the perfect way to refresh your skin and keep it moisturized through any trip you’re taking.

2. Even Skin Tone: The right mask can give your face a little glow, and help smooth out any slightly uneven skin tone. I, for one, struggle with uneven skin tone caused by blemishes, so I love a good cleansing or resurfacing mask to even things out. This SmartMud Cleansing Mask does wonders for brightening up dull skin, without leaving your skin feeling dry like a traditional mud mask might.

3. Detox: Every once in a while, a deep clean is completely necessary. And when it comes to your skin, doesn’t it feel great to detox once a month or so? Detoxing masks can help fight acne, deep clean your pores, and draw out all kinds of impurities and leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.

4. Anti-Aging: That’s what we want to hear, right? I love a good anti-aging treatment, don’t you? So many masks boast really great anti-aging benefits. Something like this Age Defier Magnet Mask that boasts refreshed, revitalized skin after use is one to snag for multi-faceted skin benefits.

5. Reduce Fine Lines: This is a benefit listed on so many different masks, but it’s my favorite benefit of a good eye mask. Giving our eyes a little extra attention with these Triangle of Light Eye Masks will brighten skin and help reduce those stubborn little fine lines.  

6. All-in-One Treatment: Some of my favorite masks are spa-like treatments that offer a range of different benefits in one. One of these Second Skin Masks is intensely hydrating, smoothing, firming, and a little anti-aging, too. It’s a one and done treatment, and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

7. Firming: Skin firming is a fantastic benefit of the face mask. Using firming masks is a great preventative treatment for your skin as you age. Plus, they leave skin looking brighter and younger after using them…sor of like a mini facelift.

8. De-Stress: After a long day, or a long week, treating yourself to your favorite fask mask is a great way to de-stress, don’t you think? Even if it’s only 15-30 minutes, it’s a little bit of me-time that can help you relax when you’re feeling stressed. This might be my favorite benefit of all!

With all of those great benefits, I think the face mask trend is here for a while. Are you ready to try out some face masks?

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