Stuck In A Hair Slump? Healthy Hair Products That Will Save the Day

As summer comes to a close it’s time to give our hair a little TLC to achieve healthy, lustrous locks! Want healthier, shinier hair? Try these 5 tips and get your hair in tip-top shape.

Style Smart

I’m not saying that you need to give up your flat iron or blow dryer to achieve healthier hair. Go ahead and style however you want (although a break from the heat once in awhile is good too). The key here is to be smart about using products that provide protection from the heat. A good spray all over damp hair will help with detangling, add moisture and shine and serves as the protection your hair needs.

Get A Weekly Treat

You know masks are great for helping your skin, but have you tried one for your hair? Treat your hair to a weekly treatment to help reverse the normal damage your hair faces every week. Apply in shower and leave on for a few minutes before rinsing, followed by a cool-water rinse. Another great time to treat your hair? While you sleep. Just apply a mask, braid and let it to the work for you.

Give Some Love While You Sleep

If you can avoid sleeping on wet hair (as it’s in its most vulnerable state) that’s best. But if you must, make sure it’s pulled up and away in a bun or braid. In fact, it’s even better if you sleep on a silk pillowcase and put your hair up in a loose braid or bun, whether wet or dry to help reduce friction and damage.

Brush Before Wash

Hair is at its weakest point when wet, so avoid the extra friction and tangles by giving your head a good brushing before you turn on the shower. This way, you won’t have as big a job ahead of you and your delicate wet strands are less prone to breakage.

Stop The Wash

While we’re on the subject of washing, don’t forget to give your tresses a break as over-washing can continue the cycle of damage. Use products like a dry shampoo or hair refresher to help get you through. Not ready to make a huge change quite yet? Try adding on just one extra day before washing again.

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